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Soothing Skincare Trio  (Vanilla Blossoms, Ginger Coconut, Soothing Sky)


Soothing Skincare Trio (Vanilla Blossoms, Ginger Coconut, Soothing Sky)

This soothing soap trio is perfect for moisturizing and softening your skin. Our Ginger Coconut bar purifies and rejuvenates your skin. Our Soothing Sky and Vanilla Blossoms Bars soothe your mind and body and balance your skin tone and heal the effects of the sun and season with healing sandalwood.  

Soothing Sky Bar: Jasmine, gardenia, currants, white chocolate, musk and sandalwood come together with Shea butter, organic plant oils to create this soft and silky relaxation bar. Aromatherapy: Jasmine, gardenia, musk and sandalwood soothe your senses and ease stress for restful sleep.

Vanilla Blossoms Bar: Soothing vanilla bean is paired with blossoms of lavender and chamomile creating a truly nourishing relaxation bar. Natural flecks of chamomile and vanilla bean gently exfoliate your skin while natural plant oils lather and nourish. Aromatherapy: Vanilla bean relieves stress and tension. Chamomile and Lavender naturally relax muscles and ease the mind for more restful sleep.

Ginger Coconut Bar: Naturally healing ginger fills fine lines and reduces redness. Coconut moisturizes and balances skin tone. Aromatherapy: Ginger and coconut eases the mind and relaxes the body.

All Natural + Organic


Each Bar: 4.3 oz, Total Weight: 12.9 oz 


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